iData i3 Mobile Computer

iData i3 Mobile Computer

An ultra-lightweight model with a slim design

The iData i3 is a versatile mobile computer designed for use in various industries, including logistics, retail, and healthcare. It features a high-performance processor and runs on the Android operating system, providing users with a fast and user-friendly experience.

With its ergonomic design, the i3 is comfortable to hold and operate for extended periods, while its rugged construction ensures durability in challenging environments. The device also includes a high-resolution camera, NFC, and multiple connectivity options, allowing for seamless integration with other systems and devices. Overall, the iData i3 is an excellent choice for businesses seeking a reliable, user-friendly mobile computer that can streamline their operations and improve efficiency.

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Innovative portability makes the operation more comfortable

Only 178g in weight, i3 has developed its portability as a keyboard/touch control smart terminal to a new lightweight level. The workers who use it to work in fulfillment or inventory won’t feel tired after a long time holding by hands, the cylindrical housing design makes it even more comfortable.

Small size but versatile for all kinds of business

Small as it is, i3 is a multifunctional device that can scan, take photos and equipped with 4G network, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The workers can apply i3 to inventory, order fulfillment, and take photos as proof, etc. Besides, i3 also enables them to talk to each other through voice communication, increasing the collaboration of a whole team.

Compact but durable, lower your cost due to malfunction

With the help of IP54 protection and 1.5m anti-drop, i3 can survive many accidental drops, impact, or water splash. The workers can work confidently with i3 in any working environment, and the company won’t suffer loss due to malfunction.



Quad-core 2.0GHz high-performance processor

Operating system

Android 10.0/Android 11.0

Memory (ROM+RAM)

16GB + 2GB (standard), 32GB+3GB/64GB+4GB(optional)


Single SIM card

Display Screen

3.2-inch, resolution: 800*480 pixels

Touch Screen

Industrial capacitive screen, support wet-hand operation/glove mode/multi-touch/gesture operation


8 megapixels rear camera(optional 13 megapixels), support auto-focus


800mA flashlight


24 keypads in total: front scan key *21, side scan key *2, side power key *1


3.85V lithium battery, with 3000mAh, undetachable


Built-in microphone

Charging Method

Type-C charging, support 18W fast charging


High power speaker reminder/vibration reminder/LED reminder/Audio reminder

Vibrating motor

Built-in vibrating motor



Intercom function (optional)

Support one-button PTT calls

Scanning Engine

Barcode Support

It can scan one-dimensional / two–dimensional barcodes

Scanning Accuracy


Scanning Angle

Pitch: ±60°; Skew:±45°; Tilt:360°

View Angle


Motion Tolerance




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