iData J16-BT Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

iData J16-BT Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Bluetooth efficient transmission, free from the wire constrain

The scanner connects the base by Bluetooth 5.0; The transmission distance could reach up to 70m; It supports wireless long-distant scanning, no constrain, free from the wire constrain. The base connects the computer by USB, driver-free installation, simply insert and use.

PSSA/MSSA configuration system

The scanner can be connected by computer’s USB cable, then you can use the PSSA configuration scanner. You can also connect the scanner by Bluetooth, use MSSA configuration system to set up the scanner more easily


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No cable limit, better user experience

iData J16-BT is a wireless Bluetooth scanner. It connects the scanner and the base via Bluetooth, enabling workers to work far from the workbench. The scanning technology designed for electronic and industrial manufacturing can effectively reduce the working difficulty. It can configure scanner smart assistants in batches, optimizing the scanner management.

Scanning technology for electronics and industrial manufacturing

iData’s innovative scanning technology, which has multi-spectral scanning and barcode imaging optimization, can effectively solve the problems of hard-torecognized barcodes of low-contrast, damaged, and reflective. It empowers workers to easily handle micro barcodes, high-density barcodes, low-contrast barcodes, DPM codes, etc.







Performance Parameter

Light Sensor: 1280*1080 pixels

Light Source: WHITE, RED, BLUE

Scanning Performance

Scanning Accuracy: ≥3mil

Scanning Angle: (pitch):±70°;(skew):±60°;(tilt):360°

Viewing Angle: Horizontal:44.3°,Vertical:28.4°,Diagonal:51°

Minimum Reading Contract: 15%

Motion Tolerance: 13mil UPC 1.5m/S (Support up to 8m/s in high motion tolerance mode)

Environmental Parameter

Working Temperature: 0℃~50℃

Storage Temperature: -20℃~70℃ Humidity 5%~95%(No cond

Ingress Protection: IP52

Drop Specification: Multiple drops to concrete floor from the height of 1.8m

Ambient Light: 0Lux~100000Lux

ESD Protection: ±15KV (air discharge), ±8KV (contact discharge)


Download Brochure:

Download Brochure: