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  • Overview
    Modularity Designs with Adaptable Reader Options

    CipherLab’s 9700 series is a device that is designed with multiple tools in its scanning repertoire. The scanning options include laser, 2D imager, extended range laser, and near/far 2D imager and mid-range 2D imager. The extended range laser extends the barcode reading range to 45 ft / 9.1 m (100 mil retro-reflective). Supreme scanning versatility is also provided by the near/far scanning technology built-in which delivers the ability to auto-focus for reading both long and short distance. It gives flexibility to read both 1D and 2D barcodes from as close as 6 in/ 15 cm on 10 mil barcodes to over a whopping 50 ft/ 15 m for 300mil symbols. The 9700 series also features great modularity which allows for field replacement and on-site services.


    Industrial Ruggedness for Dependability

    The 9700 series mobile computer durability is designed to allow users to operate without worry. Its ruggedness is securely guaranteed with an IP65 rating seal which is capable of withstand exposure to dust, dirt and water splashes. Its toughness can also resist multiple drops from 1.8 m onto concrete and endure 1000 tumbles at 0.5 m, which promises protection from accidental drops or other unexpected damages. The protection standards allow the 9700 series to standout in the industry today. The durability that the 9700 series possess proves it to be a great asset under harsh environments.


    Flexible Wireless Communications Connections and Efficient Communication

    The 9700 series offers instant and safe data transmission with its wireless communication options. Its CCXv4 certified IEEE 802.11 a/ b/ g/ n on Windows® model keeps backend systems updated simultaneously granting users the ability to allow real-time network and access critical information. Users are able to receive real-time quality data transmission with The Bluetooth® communication. Class II, V2.1 which is also fully compatible with printers, accessories and peripherals. Furthermore, Push-to-Talk is a feature designed to provide better workflow and communication efficiency by supporting one-to-many features under WLAN conditions.






    Industry Use
    • Transportation
    • Distribution Cente
    • Manufacturing
    • Cold Storage
    • Direct Store Delivery
    • Field Mobility
    • Retail



  • iData 50P provides professional and outstanding automatic data identification and collection such as 1D/2D barcode, NFC, GPS and camera.

  • iData 95W provides professional and outstanding automatic data identification and collection. iData 95W provides enterprise users with stable and fast device operation, enabling them working in an efficient and easy manner anytime and anywhere.

  • An ultra-lightweight model with a slim design

    The iData i3 is a versatile mobile computer designed for use in various industries, including logistics, retail, and healthcare. It features a high-performance processor and runs on the Android operating system, providing users with a fast and user-friendly experience.

    With its ergonomic design, the i3 is comfortable to hold and operate for extended periods, while its rugged construction ensures durability in challenging environments. The device also includes a high-resolution camera, NFC, and multiple connectivity options, allowing for seamless integration with other systems and devices. Overall, the iData i3 is an excellent choice for businesses seeking a reliable, user-friendly mobile computer that can streamline their operations and improve efficiency.

  • Efficient and comfortable operation in low temperature environment

    The screen adopts vacuum coating process, supporting glove mode and wet hand operation, so that your staff will not be affected by water, fog and other problems in low temperature environment; It has a keyboard and wide touch screen, and it can simplify data input, whether it is touch screen or physical keyboard input, your staff can quickly operate the equipment, to meet the needs of employee’s fast input; Ergonomic design and unique back grooves enable employees to have a comfortable grip feeling when using, without fatigue for a long time, and at the same time, the equipment will not slip out of hand due to low temperature and moisture.

    Designed for low temperature, more stable operation

    Redesign the body protection, so that the protection performance of the whole machine is further improved, which can ensure that your equipment is strong and durable, avoid the humidity caused by low temperature environment affecting the service life of the equipment, and reduce your cost;
    Special cold chain low temperature battery (6700mAh) can ensure that the operation at low temperature of -25℃ lasts for a long time, more than 12 hours, so that your staff can easily use in a shift.

  • Time-tested & cost-effective option

    iData K1S is an ultra-rugged Android keyboard-type smart terminal, which is time-tested in many scenarios such as new retail business, warehouses, manufacturing plants, express and logistics, etc. It improves the working capacity without increasing your purchase cost. By adding a pistol grip, K1S is able to deal with high-frequency scanning in inventory process.


  • Practical, User-Friendly & Great Value

    The iData K3 mobile computer is a versatile and durable handheld device designed for data collection and mobile computing in a variety of industries, including retail, logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare. It features a large touch screen display, an advanced barcode scanner, and a long-lasting battery, making it ideal for intensive use in demanding environments.

    The iData K3 is equipped with a range of connectivity options, including WiFi, Bluetooth, and 4G LTE, enabling real-time data transfer and communication with other devices. Additionally, its rugged construction ensures durability against drops, water, and dust, providing reliable operation in harsh conditions.

  • Survives condensation-free requirement in high standard cold storage

    Scan window, screen and device will heat automatically; Device working in different parts of cold storage can maintain functional.

    Withstand long time testing under -30℃

    Works normally for over 12 hours under -30℃; No need to restart while replacing battery; Operates continuously for a whole day.

  • Industrial-level durability, long-time reliability.

    Ultra-rugged Android terminal iData K8 is an ultra-rugged Android smart mobile terminal designed for large-scale warehouses, goods transportation centers, and manufacturing factories, etc. K8 features excellent performance and reliability, ultra-long product lifespan. Thus your enterprise can benefit from a single purchase of K8 for a very long time.

    Operating System: Android 11.0

    Memory (ROM+RAM): 64GB + 4GB (standard)

    Display Screen: 4-inch, resolution: 800*480 pixels IPS HD Retina Screen

    Battery: 3.85V lithium battery, with 6700mAh, detachable, backup battery support

  • iData T1 is light but strong. The 5.5-inch full screen thin PDA that can be held in one hand with 18:9 screen design ratio, supporting multitask split screen operation, 230G easy holding feeling, zero burden to carry, and more convenient operation. It is 1.5m fall resistant, IP68 dustproof and waterproof, noise resistant, cold and heat resistant, visible under strong screen light, gloves & wet and dry hand touch.

  • Serve purposes of fast-growing business

    iData T2 UHF is a 4G high-performance RFID terminal with efficient RFID reading capability and 4G communication capability, which can meet the needs of rapid business growth of enterprises for equipment performance. It improves workers’ efficiency and help enterprise to cope with future challenges confidently.

    Efficient RFID reading, designed for business

    The tag reading rate is faster than 700 tags/s, which can help workers save 40% of their time and complete their work faster when dealing with massive inventory work.

  • iData 80 is an extra large screened rugged mobile computer for a better view and work experience. With a protection grade of IP65 which can withstand 1.5m drops, the iData 80 is able to adapt to more complex and demanding environments.

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  • iData K1 is a universal mobile computer for various data collection and transmission operations. iData K1 can accomplish your daily tasks with the power of a octa-core processor and Android OS, with high quality and speedy 1D/2D barcode scanner.

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