iData K1 Cold Mobile Computer

iData K1 Cold Mobile Computer

Efficient and comfortable operation in low temperature environment

The screen adopts vacuum coating process, supporting glove mode and wet hand operation, so that your staff will not be affected by water, fog and other problems in low temperature environment; It has a keyboard and wide touch screen, and it can simplify data input, whether it is touch screen or physical keyboard input, your staff can quickly operate the equipment, to meet the needs of employee’s fast input; Ergonomic design and unique back grooves enable employees to have a comfortable grip feeling when using, without fatigue for a long time, and at the same time, the equipment will not slip out of hand due to low temperature and moisture.

Designed for low temperature, more stable operation

Redesign the body protection, so that the protection performance of the whole machine is further improved, which can ensure that your equipment is strong and durable, avoid the humidity caused by low temperature environment affecting the service life of the equipment, and reduce your cost;
Special cold chain low temperature battery (6700mAh) can ensure that the operation at low temperature of -25℃ lasts for a long time, more than 12 hours, so that your staff can easily use in a shift.

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Cost-effective cold-chain dedicated terminal

iData K1 Cold is able to withstand the low temperature impact of -25℃, and resist moderate condensation. It’s suitable for workers who travel through areas which are not too humid in the cold storage. With the engine that scans ultra-long distance, the working efficiency of forklifts can be improved significantly.

Vacuum-coated technology can resist condensation

The internal of scan window and screen has been vacuum-coated by anticondensation film, so that the device can resist moderate condensation effectively. Thus the workers who work in the cold storage for a long time, or travel between refrigerated area and frozen area, can avoid working delay due to the condensation.

Survive longtime working in low temperature area

The 6700mAh cold-chain dedicated battery can assure battery discharge capacity in -25℃ environment for over 12 hours. The workers who need to work in refrigerated area or frozen area for long hours can scan confidently without worrying about the battery life.



Octa-core 2.0GHz high-performance processor

Operating system

Android 9.0 / Android 11.0

Memory (ROM+RAM)

32GB+3GB (standard)


Single SIM card

Display Screen

4-inch, resolution: 800*480 pixel

Touch Screen

Industrial capacitive screen, support wet-hand operation/glove mode/multi-touch/gesture operation


8 megapixels of rear camera (optional: 13 megapixels), support auto-focusing/PDAF


800mA flashlight


26 keypads in total: front key*23, side scan key *2, side power key *1, (Interior transmission light industrial IMD keypad)


4.2V lithium battery, with 6700mAh, detachable, backup battery
*Don’t replace battery in cold environments in
*Executive standard: GB31241-2014


Built-in microphone

Charging Method

Type-C charging and pin port charging, support 12W fast charging


High-power speaker/vibration reminder/LED reminder

Vibrating motor

Built-in vibrating motor


G-sensor/ Proximity sensor/Light sensor

Intercom function (optional)

Supporting one-button PTT calls

Scanning Engine

Barcode Support

It can scan one-dimensional / two–dimensional barcodes

Scanning Accuracy


Scanning Angle

Pitch: ±60°; Skew:±45°; Tilt:360°

View Angle


Motion Tolerance




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