iData T2 UHF Mobile Computer

iData T2 UHF Mobile Computer

Serve purposes of fast-growing business

iData T2 UHF is a 4G high-performance RFID terminal with efficient RFID reading capability and 4G communication capability, which can meet the needs of rapid business growth of enterprises for equipment performance. It improves workers’ efficiency and help enterprise to cope with future challenges confidently.

Efficient RFID reading, designed for business

The tag reading rate is faster than 700 tags/s, which can help workers save 40% of their time and complete their work faster when dealing with massive inventory work.

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Dynamic Duty Cycle Algorithm

It adjust RFID working time dynamically based on the quantity of the tags; It improves the module’s efficiency, thus extending the lifespan of the module. It reduce heat and optimise the power consumption of the whole Device.

Dual Battery Life Guarantee

4500mAh build-in battery housing +6500mAh detachable battery in handle. The battery of house can guarantee the stable operation when they replace the battery of the handle. It’s time-saving that there’s no need reset and re-login.

5G Communication, More Effective Outdoors

The peak rate can reach up to 20bps, while the lowest delay is just a few milliseconds.



Octa-core 2.0GHz high-performance processor

Operating system

Android 11.0

Memory (ROM+RAM)

64GB + 4GB (standard), 128GB+6GB(optional)


Two out of three SIM card slots, support dual SIM and dual standby
*Two out of three SIM card slots: two cards can be held at the same time, Nano SIM card + Nano SIM card /Nano SIM card +TF card

Display Screen

6.21-inch, resolution: 1520*720 pixels

Touch Screen

Industrial capacitive screen, support wet-hand operation/glove mode/multi-touch/gesture operation


16 megapixels top camera; 5 megapixels front camera; support auto-focus


800mA flashlight


6 keypads in total: scan key *2, power key *1, volume key*2, pistol trigger *1


3.85V lithium battery, with 4500mAh, undetachable
3.7V lithium battery, with 6700mAh, detachable


Built-in microphone

Charging Method

Type-C and Pin-port charging, support 18W fast charging


Vibration reminder/LED reminder/high power speaker/Audio reminder

Vibrating motor

Built-in vibrating motor


G-sensor/Proximity sensor/Light sensor/Geomagnetic sensor/ Gyroscope

Intercom function (optional)

Support one-button PTT calls

Scanning Engine

Barcode Support

It can scan one-dimensional / two-dimensional barcodes

Scanning Accuracy


Scanning Angle

Pitch: ±60°; Skew:±45°; Tilt:360°

View Angle


Motion Tolerance




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