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  • The Polaroid 2120 Series offers a permanent-adhesive matte white, synthetic inkjet paper material,specially designed for use in most color inkjet printers. Available in 5 sizes on 4R sheets:

    • 102mm x 152mm (4 x 6 )
    • 94mm x 70mm (3.7  x 2.8 ), 2 in 1
    • 86mm x 54mm (3.4  x 2.1 ), 2 in 1
    • 45mm x 70mm (1.8  x 2.8 ), 4 in 1
    • 94mm x 33mm (3.7  x 1.3 ), 4 in 1
  • The Polaroid P422T is a durable 4″ wide entry-level desktop printer that is both versatile and easy-to-use.
    Designed and built to deliver high quality performance at a competitive price point, the affordable printer will print high quality labels all day long, producing thousands of clear, crisp barcode and identification labels per day. The P422T offers a low initial price, uses the most cost effective supplies available, and is built to last.

  • This single or dual-sided P7500 Retransfer Printer is the most reliable printer in its class producing vivid, high-definition images.

  • The P800 card printer efficiently produces great-looking ID cards in less time than any other comparable desktop printer. When your application demands speed, performance and reliability in a compact and efficient unit, the P800 card printer is the ideal choice.

Showing all 4 results